Simple Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Simple Yoga Fitness offers Adaptive Destination Yoga. This is a unique style of teaching the blends the use of adaptive tools and props with a mental wellness intention and a virtual destination. This combination of methods creates a uniquely transformative experience for both instructor and student.


Adaptive Yoga focuses on inclusivity and the truth that yoga is much more than the poses we practice. The Simple Yoga studio offers extensive access to yoga props and tools to amplify ones experience in their practice. This style of yoga invites students to honor their bodies as they exist in the moment rather than push themselves to exist as someone else.


Utilizing a mental wellness intention woven throughout a yoga practice is a powerful way for instructors to guide a meditative practice through somatic wellness. The Simple Yoga method provides a proven guide for effectively weaving intentions through movement.


Practicing yoga in unique environments enhances the senses and expands the experience by expanding the vantagepoint of possibilities. The Simple Yoga studio features a 20 foot video wall that transports instructors and students virtually to anywhere in the galaxy. This environment is ideal for instructors and students preparing for yoga retreat experiences.

Combining adaptations, mental wellness intentions and environmental integration in this way creates a space for students to connect deeply to themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. While this method of teaching can be challenging, the results are phenomenal.

Victoria is an E-RYT200 and RYT500 yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance in Northern Utah. Through yoga, she aims to help others unlock the powerful tools we all have within to bring forth self-healing and liberation. She began her yoga journey early in life, attending classes with her mother before grade school. As an adult, she eventually decided to deepen her practice and dive into her passion by taking her 200hr teaching certification in Denver, Colorado, with Samadhi Center for Yoga. She later completed her 300hr certification in the Sacred Valley of Peru with School Yoga Institute under the guidance of Anita Sundaram.

Victoria is currently pursuing her certification as a Yoga Therapist with the intention of connecting as many people as possible to the healing power of yoga. She also grew up competitive dancing and enjoys incorporating the creativity she learned through the different dance modalities into her sequencing. Her humble yet energetic teaching style keeps yoga approachable while staying true to the ancient principles of the practice. She understands that the most essential yoga is done off the mat and works to incorporate yogic philosophy that can be brought home to help bring grounding and balance to practitioners’ everyday lives. When Victoria isn’t teaching yoga, you can find her breakin’ it down on a dance floor, hiking the local trails, or lounging with her kitty, Dazey.


Simple Yoga Fitness is the stunning, locally owned yoga studio in Woods Cross, Utah. It is the home of Utah’s only Destination yoga. The large video wall in the studio transports you to places around the world. The “lobby” area is more like stepping into your best friends living room. Aside from the physical space being so warm and welcoming, what Simple Yoga Fitness offers is an opportunity to come as you are. Equipped with multiple yoga props to use as tools in your practice, this studio as a whole creates an inclusive space for every body, and the teachers who guide here help you to connect to yourself on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Join us as Simple Yoga Fitness holds space for our 200 Hour YTT!

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Regular Price Tuition $3,700

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